11 Percent

  • BlackBerry maker Research In Motion plans to cut about 11 percent of its workforce as it struggles to keep pace with Apple and Google in the mobile market it once dominated.
  • CEO Pay in 2010 Jumped 11%
  • Study finds Macs account for 11 percent of corporate computers
  • McDonald’s first quarter profits up 11% – Australia and China Fueled Growth
  • Nearly 11% of U.S. houses empty

These were a few of the headlines that came up when I searched 11 percent on Google. Why 11 percent? Well, I’m updating some of my social media training materials and wanted to put some numbers into perspective.

Everyone is talking about Facebook and how it’s everywhere and how you have to be using it to market your business! But is it really everywhere? Does it have to be part of our marketing strategy? Well, looking at the numbers, Facebook is currently reporting over 750,000,000 users. And while that is certainly a big number, the current population of the world is 6.954 billion. So, if you do the math, Facebook users actually only represent 11% of the worlds population! Doesn’t seem all that impressive. BUT lets look again. Only19% of our world is considered “developed countries.” So now if you consider 19% of 6.954 billion and then look at the percentage of Facebook users it comes out to 57%.

57% of the people in developed countries¬† are considered active users of Facebook. hmmmm. Looks like a¬† no brainer now doesn’t it?


Date: Monday, 8. August 2011 21:30
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