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Reconnect to your inner child for creativity

Saturday, 3. December 2011 14:33

Often, getting those creative marketing juices flowing is easier said than done. As I sat in the waiting area of my dentist’s office, I watched two children play with a toy train. It was a simple toy, and there was no track, but they had conjured up an imaginary world that sounded like a mystical destination. It came complete with a hero, a villain and a delectable house made entirely of candy . . . of course. As I watched and listened, I marveled at their ability to create this amazing world around a simple toy train.

Can creative marketing be as simple as the toy train? This experience got me thinking about creativity and how children have a knack for creativity unlike any adult. It is born from their innocence and lack of imaginative boundaries. As a child, anything is possible.

So, to unleash our own marketing creativity, perhaps a trip back in time is the answer – reconnect to your inner child. And what better time of year to connect to your inner child than right now around the holiday season – a time of year when inspiration is in abundance. Brightly-coloured twinkling lights surround us, sweet treats adorn every table, and friends and family laugh and enjoy each other’s company at glorious holiday festivities.

Now’s the time to harness some creative marketing for yourself. Take half an hour and embark on a journey back in time. Sit back and sing your favorite holiday tune, build a gingerbread house and eat half the candy in the process, or venture outdoors and make a snowman. Shed your adult responsibilities, if only for a short while, and see where your inner child takes you. Then, once you’re there, enjoy your thoughts and see where your creativity leads you. You may just come up with an ultra-creative answer to a marketing challenge you’ve been facing or even a stroke of brilliance for your own personal growth.

If by chance creative marketing light bulbs don’t light up, don’t get discouraged. At least you’ll have had some time to goof off, and you can always blame your childish antics on us.


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Marketing Forecast to 2015

Saturday, 5. November 2011 12:25

2012 Marketing Budget

Marketing Budget to 2015

Where will you focus your marketing efforts in 2012 and beyond? Shoring up your social media campaign? Refreshing your website? Or will you opt for more traditional marketing tactics?

According to a study by BIA/Kelsey 70% of small business marketing budgets will go to digital/online media (mobile, social, online directories, online display, digital outdoor), performance-based commerce (pay-per-click, deals, couponing) and customer retention business solutions (email, reputation and presence management, websites, social marketing, calendaring/appointment-setting).

Already, small businesses’ spend on their Web presence has almost doubled between 2008 and 2010 — another indication that businesses’ digital presence is becoming critical to their advertising strategies. (Read full article)

Before you decide, find out what your customers are doing online. Twitter may not be the optimum tactic to reach the 50+ crowd and other social media tactics are losing favor and new ones are hitting the radar every day. Stay on top of the trends but don’t jump on bandwagons too quickly. Technology, fads and marketers tend to move more quickly than the general population. Wait and watch. Which tactics are YOUR customer’s adopting and which ones fall from grace? This will help you figure out which channels you need to be using to reach them.


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11 Percent

Monday, 8. August 2011 21:30

  • BlackBerry maker Research In Motion plans to cut about 11 percent of its workforce as it struggles to keep pace with Apple and Google in the mobile market it once dominated.
  • CEO Pay in 2010 Jumped 11%
  • Study finds Macs account for 11 percent of corporate computers
  • McDonald’s first quarter profits up 11% – Australia and China Fueled Growth
  • Nearly 11% of U.S. houses empty

These were a few of the headlines that came up when I searched 11 percent on Google. Why 11 percent? Well, I’m updating some of my social media training materials and wanted to put some numbers into perspective.

Everyone is talking about Facebook and how it’s everywhere and how you have to be using it to market your business! But is it really everywhere? Does it have to be part of our marketing strategy? Well, looking at the numbers, Facebook is currently reporting over 750,000,000 users. And while that is certainly a big number, the current population of the world is 6.954 billion. So, if you do the math, Facebook users actually only represent 11% of the worlds population! Doesn’t seem all that impressive. BUT lets look again. Only19% of our world is considered “developed countries.” So now if you consider 19% of 6.954 billion and then look at the percentage of Facebook users it comes out to 57%.

57% of the people in developed countries  are considered active users of Facebook. hmmmm. Looks like a  no brainer now doesn’t it?


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UN-sociable Media

Tuesday, 3. May 2011 19:56

I arrived at my daughter’s concert 30 minutes early, sat down, pulled out my phone and started to download my LinkedIn updates. As I replied to one of my connections a “dad” sat down beside me – our daughters were in the same class. I glanced up from my Blackberry, acknowledged him with a nod and a smile and continued to give my device my undivided attention. After 5 seconds, he pulled out his smart phone and started poking away at the screen. As we both sat there engrossed in our electronic world I stopped and wondered how our electronic devices and our online social worlds have started to make us UN-sociable in the real world.

Next time you’re forced to sit in a waiting room. Glance around and I’ll bet you see the tops of peoples heads as they peer down at their phone and pitter patter on their tiny keyboards.  No one is talking to one another, not kids with parents, or couples with each other, or friends with friends. The all mighty connectedness has its hold on us and it’ll be interesting to see where  it all goes.  Hang on it’s going to be a wild ride!


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