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NRG Teleresources

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Speaking of being connected . . .

When it comes to being connected, NRG Teleresources can hook you up with whatever you need. From corded to wireless to bluetooth headsets. From audio conferencing to voice recording to telephone and data equipment. NRG has all the communication gadgets you might need! Check out their product lineson their brand new website designed and programmed by . . . yup, you guessed it. The Dubyts Com. Team.

What makes this website unique is that it is completely designed and programmed using WordPress. An Open Source tool familiar to most folks as a blogging tool. The functionality we squeezed out of this site, PLUS the ability for the client to be able to edit most areas of the site is a true WordPress wonder.

Give NRG a call and talk to Lisa or Lisa (not a typo - there are two Lisa's there) about getting connected. They're absolutely terrific and I am speaking as a very happy client who has purchased several products from them.

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