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Do you want to stay in business, grow and prosper? Well, that's what we do at Dubyts Communications - we help businesses stay in business, grow and prosper by providing marketing and communications services including, marketing planning, branding, print marketing, websites and social media marketing. We act as an extension of their business and provide honest advice in a world where most people are overwhelmed by the sheer volume and sometimes conflicting business and marketing information coming at them every day.

Over the past couple years, we've seen a number of marketing firms downsize and close their doors. At Dubyts Com., we've maintained our core clients, and continue to draw in new clients who are attracted to our promise to work for them and not their competition. We offer clients exclusivity in their industry and we give them our best ideas so they'll WIN in their industry. I love it when we get calls from prospective clients asking if we're already working for one of their competitors. It's reinforcement that we deliver something people need.

Our full-time, contract and casual staff are all technically savvy and one of our mandates is to stay on top of the marketing curve so we can deliver creative and technologically advanced marketing tactics.

Tactics like electronic brochures, flash animated cards and websites second to none in the industry. We attribute a lot of our creativity to the cross industry perspective we gain by working for a multitude of clients across different industries - from dance companies to mining construction; from pet supplies to safety services. Their diversity helps us succeed and ultimately helps them succeed. It's a renewable cycle of Win-Win.

I keep a file folder of emails and letters and have a bookcase full of thank-you cards from clients who sincerely appreciate what we've done to help them succeed. It's their words of thanks and their continual client referrals that provide me with my 'business buzz' and sense of personal satisfaction. Making a positive impact on someone else's life and business keeps me pumped and eager to help others succeed.

In the end – and we all know it's coming - I want to leave my children the legacy of creativity and honesty. With creativity they will always have a gift with unlimited potential, whether its art, music, design, or creative problem solving. With honesty, they will be able to respect themselves and to earn the trust and respect of those around them in business and in life.

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