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Presidents Message - Christine Dubyts

Hi, this is Christine Dubyts, President of Dubyts Communications. We’ve been in the marketing and communications biz since 1999 and it’s incredible how things have changed! In 1999 almost all of our business was print design. Today only 30% is print. The other 70% is electronic and new media marketing. From website design to video to flash and social media marketing.

Yes, the world as we know it has changed and the way we communicate with one another is incredibly different than it used to be, but we thrive on change and are excited to work with our clients using new technologies and channels to help them connect with their clients.

And while technology is changing things faster than the blink of an eye, one thing that hasn’t changed is our goal. We are in business to help you stay in business, grow and prosper by providing communication services that work for you. And that means different things to different businesses. For some it may mean we start at the marketing planning stage, for others it may be a brand repositioning and for others it may be the development of an online presence through website development.

When we work with you we’re focused on you and you alone. We’ll only work in a retainer relationship with one client in each industry. We want you to WIN in your industry and that would be hard to do if we were working for your competition too. This unique strategy has allowed us to build an incredible arsenal of knowledge across many industries and we’ve been able to cross pollinate ideas between industries with incredible results!

Our people are as important to us than our clients. We want them both to be here for the long haul. Sherrine, our senior designer and my right hand has advanced her skills and expertise in the marketing and technology world. Her dedication and commitment to enhancing the customer relationship is matched only by her creativity and tenacity to make things happen. We also have programmers, contractors and marketing consultants who add to our ability to build incredible marketing solutions.

Thank you for listening. Click around the site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for give us a call.

Market wisely,


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