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Can you beat the marketing pro?

By Christine Dubyts, Dubyts Communications

I've been testing email subject lines, measuring open and click through rates for some time and the results are veeeery interesting. I also provided a link to a headline analyzer that tests subject lines and scores them based on the "Emotional Marketing Value" or EMV.  

This tool, developed by the Advanced Marketing Institute is based on using words that will reach people on an emotional level to invoke their deeper thoughts. According to the AMI, most professional copywriters' headlines will have 30%-40% EMV Words in their headlines, while the most gifted copywriters will have 50%-75% EMV words in headlines. A perfect score would be 100%, but is very rare.

Today I challenge you to beat me in your subject line scores! AND I want you to let me know your subject lines and scores so I can report back to everyone.

  • The October Marketing E-News with the headline, "Will you Marry Me?" scored a 50%
  • The October Marketing Tip with the headline, "Do you want people to open your email?" scored a 75%
  • This issue, "Can you beat the marketing pro?" scored a 50%.

This little exercise will earn you some bragging rights should you beat my 75%, PLUS it will make you think about and maybe even test your email subject lines to hit some emotional triggers in your outgoing email, because there's no sense in sending out email if no one's going to open it.

Click Here to Test Your Subject Line

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