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Connect to Your Creativity

By Christine Dubyts, Dubyts Communications

As I sat in the waiting area of my dentist office I watched two children play with a toy train. It was a simple toy and there was no track, but they had conjured up an imaginary world that sounded like a mystical destination. It came complete with a hero, a villain and a delectable house made entirely of candy . . . of course. As I watched and listened I marveled at their ability to create this amazing world around a simple toy train.

This experience got me thinking about creativity and how children have a creativity unlike any adult. It is borne from their innocence and lack of imagination boundaries. As a child . . . anything is possible.

So, to unleash our own creativity, perhaps a trip back in time is the answer . . . connect to your inner child. And what better time of year to connect to your inner child than the holiday season. A time of year when good things are in abundance. Brightly colored twinkling lights surround us, sweet treats adorn every table and friends and family laugh and enjoy each other's company at glorious holiday festivities.

Take half an hour and embark on a journey back in time. Sit back and sing your favorite holiday tune, build a gingerbread house and eat 1/2 the candy in the process, or venture outdoors and make a snowman. Shed your adult responsibilities, if only for a short while, and see where your inner child takes you. Then, once you're there, enjoy your thoughts and see where your creativity leads you. You may just come up with an ultra creative answer to a challenge you've been facing in your adult life, or a stroke of brilliance for your own personal growth.

If, by chance, your creativity doesn't shine through don't get discouraged. At least you'll have had some time to goof off and can blame your childish antics on us.

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