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Facebook for business

By Christine Dubyts, President, Dubyts Communications Inc.

Facebook has without a doubt provided bottom line benefits for BtoC organizations but the debate rages on as to whether investing time and effort into Facebook is worth it for BtoB operations. From our perspective, Facebook offers some viable benefits for BtoB's, a few of which are:

  1. Facebook pages are Googleable (is this a word?), which means if you optimize your Facebook platform it's another way for people to find you online.

  2. It's a place to show you're human. Facebook is a social network and is one of the best online mediums to have a two way conversation with your customers. It gives them the option to connect with you on their terms in an environment where they have some control and power of voice.

  3. Facebook is an opportunity to share information and promotions across multiple channels. You can't assume your clients read and/or remember the promotion you sent out in your last e-news. Repurpose and reinforce your message by sharing it across your social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  4. Facebook also offers BtoB's the ability to have their information shared. Now granted, your company history is likely not interesting enough to share across the web, but if you can inject some humor, creativity and visual appeal (that's the human stuff), your followers may do you the great honor of sharing it with their friends, and so-on and so-on.

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