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Micro sites can yield huge results

By Christine Dubyts, Dubyts Communications

For many businesses tv, radio and newspaper ad campaigns are not only unrealistic but unnecessary. If you know who your clients are you can target them very effectively with micro sites designed to appeal specifically to each buyer persona you've identified for your products/services.

Micro sites can also be used for a specific campaign or promotion. A great example is the campaign we're currently running for Dubyts Com.

The idea hit me at 4 a.m., like many of my "bright" ideas do. It came from something we communicate to our clients all the time. You can tell people how great you are in directive marketing style, but if you're looking to build trust quickly, then someone else saying how great you are is the ticket to BIG results. And while this wasn't exactly an epiphany, we have print and audio testimonials on our own website and recommend this strategy to our clients regularly, it did solve my quandary about the creative for an upcoming ad opportunity we had in the Winnipeg Chamber Newsletter.

So in usual "Christine" fashion, when the idea hit me at 4 a.m. I bolted out of bed, went to my computer and registered the website, www.WheresEverybodyGoing.com.

I'm not going to tell you about the micro site. You can check it out for yourself. But I will say that it is a great little micro site that:
- gives us the ability to promote our business,
- lets visitors hear snipits of what our clients are saying,
- showcases the interesting and unique ways we can engage a customer, AND
- acts as a lead generation tool.

BIG BANG from a MICRO site!

Yup, micro sites can yield HUGE results if you plan them effectively with clear objectives. And in keeping with the word micro, you're not looking at BIG budget considerations like with some forms of mass advertising.

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