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Do you have a fresh point of view?

By Christine Dubyts, Dubyts Communications

I love good graffiti, and by good graffiti I mean graffiti created without malice or malicious intent. The kind of graffiti that evokes emotion, created with layers of color and raw artistic talent. The graffiti image in the header and the one below clearly have a distinct, fresh point of view, hidden in their lines, curves and vibrant colors. AND most people notice this stuff.

In business it's more important than ever to have a fresh point of view. People are overwhelmed and desperately seeking meaning in the 1000's of messages they are bombarded with daily. A fresh point of view will help to "set you apart, speed understanding and provoke conversation," according to Lois Kelly in her book, Beyond Buzz.

A good example of having a fresh point of view, is Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. It started with a belief that challenged assumptions that there is no one single image of beauty. And this fresh point of view transcends everything the company does.

I would hazard a guess that almost everyone reading this knows the campaign I am referring to. Yes? Different, fresh and memorable. Sounds like a recipe for good marketing . . .

Dove's point of view "has substance and meaning. It is framed in engaging language and visuals. It is eminently talk-worthy and connects the marketing tactics to the brand's vision and the company's strategy."

One of the things we do is to help our customers think in these terms. To dig deep and come up with a fresh perspective. A fresh point of view that has meaning and differentiates them from everyone else. We use this to then frame their tactics and their direction for the future.

Do you have a fresh point of view? Something to connect everything together in your company?

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