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Tips for proofing

    1. Make sure there is good lighting.
    2. Avoid destractions like television or music. The best proofing is done in silence.
    3. Read over twice (silently then out loud).
    4. Proof in stages starting with spelling, then grammar then repetition.
    5. Check spelling by reading it from the end to the begining.
    6. Use your program spell checker.
    7. Focus on each word and read slowly. It may help to cover the words you will read next with paper.
    8. Read once more.
    9. Read with a freind. One out loud while the other listens and follows along.
    10. Make sure to check the headings. They are usually overlooked.
    11. Pay close attention to display fonts and text in bold or italic.
    12. Watch for inconsistent spacing between lines or paragraphs.
    13. Double check your contact information.
    14. Review the spelling of people’s names.
    15. Double and triple check your contact information.
    16. If you have used any website addresses, double check you have the right extension. (.ca, .com, etc.)
    17. Check that your photos are high enough resolution, not pixelated or blurry.
    18. If you are using stock photos, ensure that they were purchased and no longer have a watermark.

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