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They don't have an app for that . . .

By Christine Dubyts, Dubyts Communications

Blackberry, IPhone, Android, IPad . . . programmers are having a field day pumping out apps to please everybody and anybody. From calorie counters, to mileage trackers, barcode scanners, and "to-do" list makers that help you organize yourself. Its amazing! As the owner of a Blackberry and an IPad, I've discovered a few apps that are productivity enhancers some time savers and there are of course some time wasters. But it's fun to search, download and discover innovative and interesting apps to suit our ever increasing mobile world.

BUT, one thing there is no app for is, good old fashioned creativity. And this is good news for anyone in the creative world, people like designers, artists, inventors and creative solution providers.

If you provide creative products, services or solutions to people who are ready, willing and able to buy, you have a recipe for success. So, whatever your business, BE CREATIVE, think out of the box, and strive to provide your clients with creative products, options, strategies and solutions because, to date, there is no app for that and people are willing to pay for amazing artwork, new inventions and creative solutions!

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