We conduct a number of social
media training courses around
Manitoba on a regular basis.

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Work With One of the Best Marketing
Companies in Winnipeg

The success of your business is PRIORITY ONE. Just ask any of our long standing clients who have chosen to work with one of the best marketing companies in Winnipeg!

We will evaluate your entire business and assess the best way for you to invest your marketing dollars. It’s not about what we sell. It’s about what you need. If you need something we don't provide, we'll point you in the right direction. Our goal is to get you results. Period.

  • We design and develop award winning websites but we’re not just a web design company – We’re a Winnipeg marketing company.
  • We will help you plan and execute your social media marketing campaign, but we don’t just provide social media marketing (SMM) services. We’re a marketing company.
  • We can also provide you with print marketing and branding solutions, but we're not just a traditional graphic design or branding company. We’re a marketing company.

For over 13 years we have been and continue to be a successful Winnipeg Marketing Company offering results oriented marketing solutions to clients who don’t want to run around to multiple suppliers with conflicting advice.

We work exclusively for a select group of non-competing clients* who,

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Your Offsite Marketing Department

Our team of highly effective marketing professionals are your offsite, on target marketing department. A resource where you can:

  • plan and integrate all your marketing tactics for optimum results,
  • call today for an ad you need tomorrow,
  • update promotional details on your website, your e-newsletter, Facebook and Twitter simultaneously so everything remains in sync,
  • send your advertising contracts and get relevant advice on whether it fits with your overall marketing strategy,
  • feel confident in our "industry exclusive" environment. We work for you not for your competitors.

You can enjoy total peace of mind because we look after all your communication needs, including:

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to and read what our clients have to say about us in our testimonials section! Then give us a call. Your business’ future depends on it.

*Industry exclusivity is afforded to retainer clients who invest $10,000 annually in their marketing through Dubyts Communications Inc.

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Stuart Burns, Speedpro Systems Canada

Stuart Burns is the president of Speedpro Systems Canada, the largest sign franchise in Canada.

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We can help you Generate Demand

Patricia Wainikka, QNET

Patricia is the Executive Director of The Manitoba Quality Network (QNET). QNET provides training and networking opportunities in the areas of Management & Leadership, Quality & Effectiveness, Workplace Wellness, and Board Governance.

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How we develop Creative Excellence

Wayne Sage, Harwood Design Builders

Wayne Sage is the owner and president of Harwood Design Builders, a Winnipeg based builder and renovation company.

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How we Execute Flawlessly